Become a Host Family

Have you ever considered the possibilities of opening up your home and welcoming an international student to live with your family for a short time?

We offer hosting opportunities to fit your schedule: 2-5 weeks during the summer, 4-8 weeks during the school year, or up to a full school year.

Why Host?

The best part about hosting is the lasting cultural experience for you and your entire family, as host families often enjoy a life-long bond with their students and often even visit their students abroad. Through learning about an exchange student’s life, culture, and language, as well as sharing new experiences together, many of our host families tell us that they begin to see their own home and community in a new and refreshing light.

Who Can Host?

You can!

All of our host families come from varying backgrounds and different walks of life. There is no single profile of a “successful” or “typical” host family – single parents, single individuals, empty-nesters, couples, grandparents – we welcome all types of families and work hard to match each family with a student who will compliment your unique family.

Hosting Opportunities

Types of Hosting

Asheville Summer CampStudent Immersion HostingAcademic Year/Semester Hosting
During the summer months of July and August, international students visit beautiful Asheville for 2 to 4 weeks to attend Xplore’s popular day camp and stay with a local family.

Volunteer to host a student this summer and your family will qualify for free space at camp for your own child!

Your children will be talking about their experience long after the summer ends.

Students from all around the world come to the US every year to immerse themselves in an English speaking environment.

Host a student for 3-5 weeks this summer in your hometown (placements available anywhere in the country), or for 4-8 weeks during the school year, while your student observes the American classroom.

Invite an international student, aged between 14 and 18 to join your family home while they attend a local high school on an academic placement.

Placements can last from 1 semester up to a full year, with some students choosing to stay in the US to continue their education.

Hear what one of our host families has to say about working with Xplore…

We loved sharing our home with all the special kids and families! I can’t believe it’s over already! We aren’t wanting to let Valeria go yet! We love her! We are so lucky!

JoannaHost Mum - Asheville

Frequently Asked Questions

What is expected of the host family?

  • Provide a supportive home environment
    Our international students are all traveling to the US to improve their English and to experience ‘real’ American culture. All you need to do is welcome them into your home life, allowing them to get to know your family and your community. Be supportive of their learning, open minded to their culture and engage them with your hobbies and interests – hosting is all about sharing!
  • Provide a comfortable room and board
    The most basic requirement for hosting is of course to provide bed and boarding for your student. Either a private room or a bed in a shared room with your own kids of a similar age and same sex is perfect! Breakfast, packed lunch, and dinner must also be provided.

How do I become a Host Family?

  • Host Family Application and Photo Album
    Each interested host family must fill out an application, complete with photo album, for us to share with your chosen international student – this reassures students and allows them to get a glimpse of their homestay before they arrive!
  • Home Visit
    Once your application is completed, we will schedule a convenient time for a home visit. This necessary step allows us to meet face-to-face and answer your questions about the hosting experience. We are also able to evaluate the space you wish to provide for your international student. This appointment usually takes about an hour and is a great opportunity for you to have all your questions answered.
  • Criminal background checks & references
    To comply with child safety regulations for our students, criminal background checks will be run on all adults in the home. We also ask you to submit family references that describe your family’s character and home environment.
  • Match with your student
    Xplore’s staff works hard to find a student who is a good match for your family. You can specify a preference of a student’s age, gender and nationality and Xplore will then review our current student profiles to find a good fit!

What are the benefits of hosting?

Opening your home to a new family member is a rich and rewarding experience! You will make a new friend and learn about their culture. Many families report that, through hosting, they grow closer as a family as they participate in fun activities and learn new ways of communication. Please see full FAQs for program specific benefits for your family.

Where will my student be from?

We work with many overseas schools and partners throughout the world. Most of our students are from Germany, Spain, Italy, France and China.  Do you have a strong interest in learning French cuisine, practicing your Spanish or about Chinese culture? We do our best to find great fits between our students and our families, so please let us know if you have a nationality preference for hosting.

What support can I expect from Xplore USA?

We have a strong network of support available to all our host families during their hosting career – from Local Coordinators to Program Managers and Directors, who can answer any questions you have at any time.

We aim to give all our families as much information prior to welcoming a student, with additional training for those hosting long-term so that families feel as prepared as possible.