Xplore USA facilitates cultural and educational programs for both American and international students. We invite you, your family or your students to join our growing global community.


Do something different for your family – open up your loving home to an international student studying in your community. Hosting opportunities are available from just 2 weeks up to a full year.


Discover and deliver the experience of a lifetime – from full year academic exchanges in England and Germany to summer language immersion programs, diverse activity camps and customized school tours across Europe.

Why choose Xplore?

For over 15 years, we have been dedicated to promoting the benefits of young students travelling abroad – whether it be to learn or improve a second language, develop a wider appreciation for different cultures or create lifelong memories through our high quality programs.

Xplore USA facilitates finding the perfect family home for international students travelling to the US on a short-term language or school immersion program or academic placement. Xplore USA also offers American students some great opportunities to travel – try a summer in Germany or spend a year at high school in England.

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